Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPD?

MPD is a global manufacturer of battery holders, battery contacts, auto plugs, auto sockets, fuse holders, DC jacks, DC plugs, and other electronic components. For more information about us, please visit our about page.

Are MPD's products RoHS compliant?

MPD certifies that our production complies with the requirements of the European RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU and RoHS 3 Directive 2015/863/EU (some with exemption). Please always feel free to ask us about the RoHS compliance status of any of our products. For more information about our compliance with regulations, please check our compliance area here.

Does MPD have a quality management system and meet ISO standards?

MPD is ISO 9001 certified, and a copy of the certificate is available here.

What are the international harmonized Schedule B codes for MPD's products?

It is always best to confirm these with your licensed freight broker or exporter:

9V Snaps 8544.42.9010 (SIC code 3678)
Auto Plugs 8536.90.8585 (SIC code 3679)
Battery Holders 8536.69.8000 (SIC code 3699)
Battery Insulator 3920.69.0000
DC Jacks/Plugs 8536.90.8585
Fuseholders 8544.11.0030
Metal Contacts 8536.69.8000
IR Safety Beams 8531.20.0040

What is MPD's Commerce Control List classification?

We use the NLR designator, which stands for "No License Required", but some customers use the classification EAR99. To understand the difference, please visit the Census Bureau's web page here.

Purchase Order Cancellation Policy!

Order Cancellation. Purchaser may cancel any order arising out of this Agreement in whole or in part, without liability if, Products have not been manufactured as of the date of receipt of notice of cancellation, if the parts have been produced and you decide to cancel, the Client shall compensate MPD Inc. for any damages caused, including a minimum consequential damages and loss of profit at a rate of 30 % of the price of the cancelled or revoked Order(s).

Is MPD registered in the Business Identification Numbers Cross-referencing System (BINCS)?

MPD is a registered supplier to the Federal Government of the United States. We have worked with various agencies of the government, including several branches of the military and NASA, and have up to date records:

CAGE Code 65249
DUNS Number 556711018

Does MPD manufacture its own products?

MPD products are manufactured using its own machines and tooling, which are located in subcontractors' factories throughout the world.

Are these subcontractors reviewed for quality?

All subcontractors have achieved ISO 9001 certification as well as passed MPD quality audits. Additionally, many of our customers, including several of the world's largest medical device manufacturers, have audited and approved of the quality of our subcontractors.

Does MPD offer FIT data?

The FIT reliability data are predictions and will not be guaranteed by MPD. Due to a big variance of possible mission profiles and applications MPD does not provide FIT data for any of it's battery holders of any style.

How do I place an order?

MPD has a strong global network of distributors, and we invite you to view our full listing here. We can also handle direct orders that meet our minimum order quantities, which we can provide with any price quotation. To place a credit card or wire transfer order, email us your order: sales@batteryholders.comand fax us your payment details (631)249-0002. To inquire about other methods of payment, please contact us directly.